Inspection Services

Traditional Home Inspection

A Landmark property inspection is an impartial, third-party, visual inspection of the physical structure, roof, interior & exterior, crawlspaces & attic, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and site drainage & grading.  The purpose of the property inspection is to identify the major systems and components of the dwelling; to visually observe and report the condition of the major systems and any defects that may be present.

Homeowner Maintenance Inspections

A Landmark Home Maintenance Inspection includes the Complete Moisture Inspection plus a visible inspection of the roof, exterior, interior, crawlspace and attic for visible wear and other maintenance issues.  A full report of the findings will be emailed with links to a web-based report and a pdf version for print

Complete Infrared Moisture & Air Leak Inspection

Scan for moisture and spot check through interior & exterior walls and around all plumbing fixtures.  Scan the attic and crawlspace for moisture/leaks and scan the entire interior, exterior, attic and crawlspace with an infrared camera. Scan doors, windows, walls and attic for air leaks.

Asbestos Testing

A trained Landmark Inspector will collect and package your asbestos sample/samples on location for testing in a safe way for you and your family.  From there, Landmark Property Inspections sends your samples to a national accredited asbestos testing laboratory, a full report and analysis of the findings are emailed within 7-10 days.